Avaros Kingline Moped

I will pay up to $5000, plus Shipping and Handling for this moped.

All depending on the condition. Any color.

Yes I know this bike is rare, and Yeah I know I have to fork out cash to get one. I just hope $5000/shipping and handling is enough for someone to speak up and tell me when to get one.

At the top of this ad, I said "I'll pay up to $5000" depending on the condition.

If this bike is as rare as it seems, the parts will be even more rare then the bike.


Re: Avaros Kingline Moped

aw crap. i just sold a pair of those last month for 700

Re: Avaros Kingline Moped

Maybe $5000 is to much. I just read ads on here with people looking for them and they said you would have to fork out the cash.

So I put my top limit. You know what I mean? I've never seen any for sell before so I wouldn't know what to pay.

Do you by chance have pictures of the pair that you sold?

Re: Avaros Kingline Moped

I'm pretty sure he was kidding Jordan.

Re: Avaros Kingline Moped

Alright, cool. What a jerk.

Would you think $5000 is right around the range of what to pay?

Re: Avaros Kingline Moped

Hey guys and girls.

Here is my number 385-201-4891, text me if you know of anyone selling their Avaros Kingline Moped or would be willing to if the price is right.

Emailing would be great to, as well as posting to this ad.

Emails: (I check everyday)






Re: Avaros Kingline Moped

Jason Jason Bobason /

Just out of curiosity, why do you want one so bad? I looked at the pics, they're okay looking but I certainly wouldn't pay anywhere close to what you're offering, even if it was mint with 4 miles on it. Just my opinion.

Re: Avaros Kingline Moped

Jason Jason Bobason /

Just looked at your profile, too. 19? No offense, but do you even have $5,000 to throw at a moped? I couldn't even fathom having that much money when I was 19, let alone being able to "waste" it on something like a moped.

Re: Avaros Kingline Moped

Go to a strip club with the 5k and you'll have stories and std's to remember the rest of your life. The moped will just break your heart

Re: Avaros Kingline Moped

you could probably get an awesome van veen 50cc GP bike for $5K.

Re: Avaros Kingline Moped

Jordan Newren Wrote:



> Do you by chance have pictures of the pair that

> you sold?

sure do they looked like this

heres one

and another

Re: Avaros Kingline Moped

hahhahaaaa yep, anyone that's seen that one wants it!

I opened this, just because I thought "perhaps" ya had one for sale, but I knew better.

Re: Avaros Kingline Moped

You will never find that on MA. You need to go to the country of orgin and find a forum for antique moto.

Re: Avaros Kingline Moped

For that kinda skrilla, you could have one importanted. But i would go with something more exotic like this bad Larry


Re: Avaros Kingline Moped

⊙△⊙ Ⓜⓔⓐⓝ Ⓝⓐⓢⓗ ⊙△⊙ Wrote:


> you could probably get an awesome van veen 50cc GP

> bike for $5K. (edited)

Re: Avaros Kingline Moped

Yeah, hey thanks guys.

I really didn't have 5k to just spend on a moped. I was just seeing what they go for. You know?

But hey, some of you made fun of me, others did not.

Thanks to:


Pusher Aaron

Nick Venezia

and others.

Re: Avaros Kingline Moped

we love liars on the buy/sell forum.

Re: Avaros Kingline Moped

Why would you want such an ugly heavy bike? Lol its the batped!

Re: Avaros Kingline Moped

buy one and put a honda 4 stroke in it

Re: Avaros Kingline Moped

Please, call me Nick, ms Jackson if youre nasty

Re: Avaros Kingline Moped

neat looking bike, but it looks like it would be living hell to work on/tune. have you considered a moby with full fairing? kinda the same look, bit you can get it all for less than a grand.

SHA blog!

Re: Avaros Kingline Moped

Have you tried http://www.scoot.net?

Yeah, I know it's not a scooter, but these guys play in the price-range you're talking about.

Re: Avaros Kingline Moped

get a hommel. way cooler

Re: Avaros Kingline Moped

Michael Goldschmidt /

I wouldn't want to have to pedal that bad boy!

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