F/S Puch cylinders etc

All items are used and probably dirty but still usable. I wouldn't try to sell them otherwise.

1. #3 cylinder. Cleanest item on the list. Looks almost new.

2. #11 cylinder. Dirty. Two fins near exhaust are broken off. Small scuffs in cylinder near exhaust port

3. #3 cylinder. Dirty. Seems to be an older cast of the normal #3 but essentially the same thing.

4. Puch head. It has a 1 and a B stamped on it. I forget the meanings of them though. Black paint chipping here and there. Overall decent shape.

5. Puch head. Has a 4 stamped on it. Dirty but still good.

6. #22 cylinder. Looks 200 years old. Very light surface rust in right hand transfer. Won't be an issue after light cleaning.

7. Another #22. 200 years of dirt. Looks good otherwise.

8. #2 cylinder. Little dirt. Not bad. Good to go.

9. E-50 Clutch cover. Little dirty

Buyer will pay shipping or pick up in Rhode Island. No pictures. No hassles. Email me reasonable offers. Paypal or cash only.

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Re: F/S Puch cylinders etc


Re: F/S Puch cylinders etc

E-mailed on #22 cylinder.

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