1966 Solex moped for sell

mateo Salvetti /

Here, I have a 1966 Solex 3800 moped. I have been restoring it for about six months and I have to stop, due to lack of time and money. When I had received the solex from the previous owner it was in a state of extreme disrepair, so I had to help it. This moped is not running but, it is very very close.

Complete poweder coating of the entire bike frame, off-white color .

I had a complete overhaul on the front and rear wheel hubs and bearings.

Complete motor rebuild with new gaskets, piston and rings, and spark plug.

New fuel system, including tank and fuel pump.

New tires and inner tubes.

Wheels are true

New brake, throttle, and decompression cables and housings

It is in excellent condition and is basically a bicycle right now. The ingnition coil does not seem to be providing spark, so it will need to be replaced to make the engine run again. I will also throw in several spare parts from when it was in its "extreme disrepair" phase.


Re: 1966 Solex moped for sell

mateo Salvetti /

Looking for $800 but i will accept trades for a running ped.

Re: 1966 Solex moped for sell

I appreciated you sending me info on your bike but I think that I will pass on it because I feel it is a little to much for a non running bike. I realize you have a lot of time in it but the market right now on used Velosolex bikes are not good right now.

Re: 1966 Solex moped for sell

†▲m †▲m /

if you get it running, you could easily get that price.

try putting it on the NYC market. I've had non runner horrible solexs go for way too much

Re: 1966 Solex moped for sell

Hey Tom, what kind of shape were they in? Maybe I should try that.

Re: 1966 Solex moped for sell

mateo Salvetti /

i would also trade the solex for almost any running moped. i just need a ride to work!

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