wtb: leovince pa50 baffle

fucker fell off mine last night and was likely abducted by can collectors.

who's got one lying around for some reason?

Re: wtb: leovince pa50 baffle

Pablo Puchasso /

Get a random one off of treats like this one: https://www.treatland.tv/malossi-vespa-toobad-exhaust-baffle-p/malossi-baffle-326851.htm

Not sure what Diameter you need, but a leo vince one is gonna be hard to find.

Re: wtb: leovince pa50 baffle

word. i was looking at those and the ev's and polini's as alternatives but figured just in case anyone would have a stock one for the pipe, i'd check.

i think it's 16, i'll have to check when i get home. anyone know?

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