FS: Gila E50 Blaster setup

Up for sale is the motor off of my blaster magnum. It has served me perfectly for almost two years with zero problems. I've never gps'd it, but it hits 60mph easy. Blasted at many rallies, super fun reliable setup.

The Dealio-

E50, casematched and rebuilt with new seals, bearings, gaskets

1977 Aluminum Stuffed Race Crank

1977 Puch CDI

NOS Euro 3-shoe clutch

Gilardoni kit in great shape

Weak-ends 24mm intake

24mm OKO

Those are the goodies. I can also include a brand new gasket set for the gila, as well as a range of jets for the OKO. I use a Minarelli Blaster pipe on this setup, as do several of us swoops, and it rips hard. These pipes are hard to get anymore, so I kind of want to hold on to it, but I can include it as well for extra $$.

The Semi-Bad:

One of the studs is starting to strip out in the case. There's no airleak because if it yet, but I was going to tap it out and run an m7 stud. You can do this yourself and I can include the stud, or I can do it for you for an extra $10 or something.

I'm asking $500 plus shipping for the motor without the pipe. Talk to me if you want the pipe too and we can work something out. Pics later today.

Money talks, h8rs walk.

Re: FS: Gila E50 Blaster setup

EDIT: Let's say $550 shipped, with pipe.

Also- I'm not parting this out

Re: FS: Gila E50 Blaster setup

Tyler Zaucha /

pm sent

Re: FS: Gila E50 Blaster setup


Here are the pictures I promised, so everyone knows exactly what's up. The pipe has surface rust only, no dents.

Also- I forgot, when I first built this engine, one of the case stud holes was tapped to some wierdo size, so bobby costello and I time-serted it to an m6. It's been rock solid for a year and a half, and is not the stud that's currently loose. I just want all the details out there so there's no bad blud. Go for pics!

Re: FS: Gila E50 Blaster setup


thanks guys!

Re: FS: Gila E50 Blaster setup

This is the most unmolested gila ever... Nick weighs like 80 lbs wet.

Re: FS: Gila E50 Blaster setup

my dude nick's a businessman

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