WTB: V1 complete engine

Lexx Lion'z /

I need a Minarelli V1 engine case matched or not either way I want a engine that was running maybe someones spare. Or maybe someone has a bike they just wanted for parts and now is getting rid of the V1 HIT me up PLEEEZZZZZ!

Re: WTB: V1 complete engine

Re: WTB: V1 complete engine

hey man

i have a Minirelli V1 already kitted w/ 19mm PHBG carb and exhaust.

was running last Fall before i put it away for winter

guy before me crashed it and bent the forks.....which are now straightened

i think its a Polini kit....have not measured it or had the head off

i am trying locally to sell the whole bike but if not i will definitely part it out

i have seen this bike the last 2 years in moped rallies in this area

it was pretty fast...50mph or so

guy said it GPS*d at 51mph

will know for sure if i part it out this Saturday 11 Feb.

e-mail then if you are still interested

$250.00 shipped

Re: WTB: V1 complete engine

Lexx Lion'z /

sounds good man thanks where are you at since you said you want to sell it locally I'm in Chicago but 250 Shipped for the bike is a straight too

Re: WTB: V1 complete engine

I don't think he's saying $250 shipped for the whole bike, re-read his post.

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