Puch Top Tank |||||| Moped Cafe Racer )( Custom )( //ZA//HydroFork//2Speed//HID//etc. California

Puch Pedal Moped

77 Freespirit Frame

Cafe Tank

Custom Seat

KX80 Hydro Forks with air adjustable dampening

KX80 17" wheel with disc brake setup

New brake pads

Master cylinder with brake switch

Wide chrome spoke rear wheel

18x40 gearing

ZA50 with a full rebuild, good clutches.

Roller bearing Crank

Treats CDI

Treats Reed Kit

Case matched

Malossi 4 petal reed block/reeds

Milled head

Custom 24mm intake (ready for a TM24)

Oko 21mm Carb

Velocity stack/ mesh filter

Quarter turn throttle

Treats Pipe, (cracking)

Treats (tun) Chrome Kickstand

ZA pedal shaft

Redone wiring

LED Tail light, HID headlight, LED license plate lights

Rectifier/regulator for 12v DC

12v Jel-cell battery under seat

Funzy 17x2.75 tires

New tubes

Trail Tech (may or may not come with bike depending on price)

CNC clip-ons

Bullet headlight

Aftermarket headlight brackets

New cables, knarped to length

New petcock/fuel filter/ cap

Black aluminum BMX pedals

New chains

New Sebac Shocks

More than $2000 in parts and labor

The headlight recently went out, the ballast could have failed, or something maybe wrong, someone needs to look at the light wiring. Everything else is fine. Runs fine.

Does 52 GPS'd on my ported kit, and about 48 on this stock kit on 18x40 gearing. 11,200 Rev.

1200 obo

Will supply paperwork to new owner as well as bill of sale for easy dmv registration.

19$ Lifetime Registration.


Located in Southern California

Re: Puch Top Tank |||||| Moped Cafe Racer )( Custom )( //ZA//HydroFork//2Speed//HID//etc. California

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