Yamaha YJ1 YF1 and parts galore

I'd like to avoid parting it all out on ebay.

This bike is not running.

crank froze from not ride.

Engine needs to be taken apart.

I have 2 other 50 cc cylinders with multiple pistons and rings

a brand new 77cc (piston and rings)

soooo many gaskets

I have NOS clutch assembly

NOS spokes and nipples

Multiple side covers and knobs that attach them

Multiple head light buckets with perfect NOS speedo

multiple cables

multiple rear light assemblies

air filters

extra carb and jets

NOS perfect condition handlebars

NOS throttle assembly and ALL controls

multiple horns

I have a box full of NOS stuff, and stuff for it. Most of all is NOS and never installed.

Cosmetically this bike is hurting from sitting around.

Lucky for you, I spent 3 years collecting almost every part I could find.

If you were to paint it all, you'd have enough new parts for the bike to look brand spanking new. For real.

$400 come just get it all so I don't have to part it out on ebay?

fair? I spent easily 1k gathering these parts of 3 years...


2009-06-03 15.14.16 (2).jpg

Re: Yamaha YJ1 YF1 and parts galore

Title? Location?

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