Moped and Parts Sale!

Here's what I got for sale..

-Puch Maxi N frame, Maxi N book rack, crank arms, handlebar (ALL professionally powder coated matte black and never used)

-Black Maxi EBR forks (NEW and never used)

-Complete Set of 5 Star Wheels w/ New tires (Powder coated semi-matte black and never used)

^^ selling together

-Complete Set of Snowflake Wheels with barely used tires

-3 Sets of Stock Puch multi-spoked wheels (complete)

-2 stock cylinder heads

-2 stock Maxi front forks

-Puch Maxi Rolling Chasis (professionally painted and never used)

-1977 Yankee Peddler Moped

-Puch Cobra w/ Title

^^ selling together

I'm currently out of town, so I'll post pictures soon. Throw me some offers. Won't respond to low ballers

Re: Moped and Parts Sale!

Andrew Squiggman /

how can someone be a low baller, if you don't start with some asking price?

Re: Moped and Parts Sale!

Christian Giron /

how much for that puch rolling chassis?

Re: Moped and Parts Sale!

Jason Jason Bobason /

I'm interested in everything. Will you take $10 shipped?

Re: Moped and Parts Sale!

pm sent

Re: Moped and Parts Sale!

I will take the cobra

$18.75 and ninja turtles 2 secret of the ooze on dvd is about all I can offer.

Also please ship it in a new Mazda so I have something to drive when its raining

Re: Moped and Parts Sale!

pm me a price for the rear snowflake if you are willing to separate. shipped to 86001.

Re: Moped and Parts Sale!

Chotchy Mustachio /

Still have any of the Puch Wheels?

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