suzuki fa50 partout

If someone would like to buy the whole thing make an offer. If you need parts let me know what ya need and I will get a price. Here are the pictures some of them I have no idea what they are but you should know what your looking for. Right?

Speedo with ignition switch that has key. 50 shipped

dont know what it is cdi box? 30 shipped

part of air filter and intake. 15 shipped

Carb 35 shipped.

oil pump 20 shipped.

petcock 12 shipped.

seat 15 shipped.

frame 45 plus shipping.

wheels 25 a piece plus shipping.

engine 50 plus shipping. (edited)

Re: suzuki fa50 partout

I'll take the cdi unit.

Re: suzuki fa50 partout

k pm'd you.

Re: suzuki fa50 partout

Harrison Stretz /

i need a coil, and the ignition switch. Is that the 2 transfer cylinder, or the 3? If its the 3 I want that too

Re: suzuki fa50 partout

I dont have the coil that was one of the things this thing needed to run.

I think this is what you are looking for on the cylinder.

So 80 bucks for the ignition switch, speedo(they come together), and cylinder with head shipped.

my email is

my paypal is (edited)

Re: suzuki fa50 partout

bummmmp make me some offers.

Re: suzuki fa50 partout

bump am I asking to much? make an offer.

Re: suzuki fa50 partout

Frank J. Bredt Jr. /

i sent you an email about parts/prices.

Re: suzuki fa50 partout

I have several Suzuki FA50 parts for sale

Engine-transmission $90 good condition

Engine-transmission $30 fair condition

reed valve $15

muffler $20

exhaust pipe gasket $ 5

oil pump $15

fuel tank $20

oil tank $15

choke cable $15 Complete with brass end

left - turn signal housing $ 8 missing choke lever

right - throttle-kill switch housing $10

throttle cable $10

speedometer-odometer w/o key $15

horn $7

rear brake spring $ 8

rear brake spring fittings and shaft $5

CDI unit $10

ignition coil $20

stator $30

headlight bucket $ 6 eachhave red, black & yellow

handle bars $55

frame with forks $35 yellow

foot peddle unit $20 yellow

seat with rubber cover $25

wiring harness $13

Re: suzuki fa50 partout

Kevin Boudrot /

How does the seat look, do you have a photo? Also looking for an ignition switch with the key, key was lost on mine long ago.

Re: suzuki fa50 partout

I'm in search of an ignition switch with key. Still available?

Re: suzuki fa50 partout

Mmmm air-cooled vw's in background! :)

Re: suzuki fa50 partout

> John Ogden Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I'm in search of an ignition switch with key. Still available?

The sellers last post was 4 years ago.

This ad is 7 years old. (edited)

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