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1998 Puch Korado with 600 miles on it. I purchased this moped brand new in 2000 when I lived in Rockland County, in New York. I was teaching and coaching and lived only a few blocks from the college and used it to run back and forth from work (I know, why didn't I just walk? I don't know...it was more fun to buy a moped!!!)

Please read carefully...The ONLY reason I'm selling this is because I am "consolidating" toys to make room for a bigger motorcycle (I'll be selling my Triumph TT600 motorcycle too).

It is likely that you have never seen one of these mopeds. They are made in Europe and as far as quality and dependability, they are NONE better. The speedometer is in KPM and MPH, but the odometer is in kilometers. It has 968 Km on it, which is about 600 miles. It is a legitimate moped which means it's 49cc and will go about 30 MPH, depending on your size and the grade of the road. I'm 200+ lbs and it'll do 30 mph on a level grade with me.

Let me tell you a little about this bike...

The Puch Korado was a moped designed by Piaggio and released in 1995. (The Puch name was purchased by Piaggio in the 1990's.) The Korado engine was a modernized and improved version of a normal E50, and it came in both regular (pedal) and kickstart versions. These engines are highly sought after. The engine was made by the Povazske Strojarne company under the Puch name.

This is a "pedal" start, or kickstart" bike, it is also a two-stroke engine, meaning you need to mix the oil and gas (50:1). Don't let this scare you, as you can buy pre-measured oil at any hardware store and just dump it into a gallon of gas and you have your fuel. You also don't need to change the oil with a two-stroke motor. When I purchased the bike the shop owner gave me spare tires and tubes for this, so I'll throw them in too. Because it has 16" tires, the ride is much smoother than scooters with 10" or 12" tires. Before you call or email me with a ridulously low offer, please do your homework and see what 100 MPG mopeds are worth...when gas is nearly $4.00/gal. Don't let the fact that this is a 1998 dissaude you. This isn't like buying a 1998 Ford. It's a basic, albeit excellent, two-stroke motor that has nearly no miles on it and has been maticulously kept. This is a great moped! This is a titled vehicle (it's clean and clear) and I have all the original documentation. Annual Illinois license plate sticker (which I just renewed last month) is $39.

Asking $800 or best offer. Call 815-980-2255


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Oh i dont know bout this....with all the mixing of the oil and how old it is.....

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lol....Did you copy and paste that all by yourself? I've owned six Manet Korados over the past few years, they're not rare. The engine kicks ass, but that's about it.

Thank you Captain Obvious

Do you think by posting on MOPED ARMY you would have to educate anyone about a "rare" puch.

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Luke “Funkenet” Hosfield /

Its obviously copy and pasted from his craigslist add, give him a break.

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Beard Road Bruiser (SoB) /

Wait... I did see one of those once before. Just last week on NH Craigslist!

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I wish I had never seen it

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I guess I'll hold on to mine with 600 miles after that Very informative and well composed explanation, Thank you for the education and detailed description. And I loved the pictures too

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LSLB Zach Richards /

where are you located now IL?

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Damn a 2011 thread

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LSLB Zach Richards /

Wild how many time people pull these up and then stew boys like me get all excited not checking the og date lol

> LSLB Lou Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Damn a 2011 thread

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☠️💀Kim Jong illest💀☠️ /

its because forums have become so old, young people dont know how to use them

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♣Slew Foot♣ /

50 bucoronies ...

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