Stolen Sachs G3 (cincinnati) Clifton

Please help me find her! My first moped and she was stolen last night from my house. I had her locked to my steel fence and someone cut the ULock and took her!

In working great condition, only missing the rear taillight red plastic cover.

I miss her. If you see/know anything, or have a nice moped for me, please let me know.

She was my first And I spent my whole summer getting her running



Re: Stolen Sachs G3 (cincinnati) Clifton

Off subject, but what kinda u lock was it?

Re: Stolen Sachs G3 (cincinnati) Clifton

it was a U-Lock pitbull brand i think

Re: Stolen Sachs G3 (cincinnati) Clifton

Here's what it looks like


Re: Stolen Sachs G3 (cincinnati) Clifton

sorry, wrong pic


Re: Stolen Sachs G3 (cincinnati) Clifton

post on your local craiglist to. Hope you find it.

Re: Stolen Sachs G3 (cincinnati) Clifton

nerdzilla NoPeds :( /


Re: Stolen Sachs G3 (cincinnati) Clifton

Thanks, I just miss her. I spent soooo much time and effort on it getting it running clean. I'm completely pissed off

Re: Stolen Sachs G3 (cincinnati) Clifton

This is disgusting, who the hell would steal this hot mama's top tank mint ride? Unless it leaked really really bad, I'd of parked it in my room or the bath tub. My ped should have lo jack, but an alarm isn't a bad idea either! You can make cheap noise maker alarms like you'd make a pyrotechnic trip wire. I'm in LA or I'd go around town looking for that guy and beat the ever living stuffing out whoever even has that model. =(

Re: Stolen Sachs G3 (cincinnati) Clifton

i couldnt keep in in my house :( I live on the 3rd floor of an old house in flora and wasnt able to figure out a way to keep it in my basement... used it everyday too

Re: Stolen Sachs G3 (cincinnati) Clifton

bic pen-able ulock?

maybe someone heard the lock being cut, if it was cut (it would be pretty noisy unless a torch was used, unlikely tho)...ask around uve got nothing to lose by trying.

oh and check all flea markets in your surrounding area. sooner the better

post up a wtb small mc/ped/toptank on all local craigslists.

hope something pans out for ya :)

Re: Stolen Sachs G3 (cincinnati) Clifton

oh damn. i had hoped this was a for sale. i wanna buy a stolen g3, it'd probably be cheaper.

anyway, good luck recovering it.

Re: Stolen Sachs G3 (cincinnati) Clifton

i would kill someone for less

well karma has its ways of working no offence to your sweet moped but i hope that douchebag gets plowed by a 18 wheelr and half the wheels runs his retarded ass over

we need to get you a new moped

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