Indian Parts Needed

I have a 1981 50cc 4 Stroke Indian AMI-50 Chief. (most of one at least). I need the entire motor, chain, and seat. The seat doesn't have to be pretty, the motor just needs to run. If anyone can cut me a good deal on all of it, that would be great! Thanks!

Re: Indian Parts Needed

Chris Walker /

hi cid email he has indian parts including motors

Re: Indian Parts Needed

Timmy Southpark /

I have a complete motor, ran when pulled. The stator needs to be throughly cleaned / adjusted however. Might wanna install new gaskets on the top end as well, but I'll sell it for $60 shipped to your door. Email me if you want it.

Re: Indian Parts Needed

Kristin Armstrong /

I'm tagging onto this thread. I need a petcock for a '79 indian. I'll email the above but anyone, please send me an email if you wanna sell me one.

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