WTB: e50 case

Sneaky Pure /

Good condition. no stripped anything. I do not need any internals. I do not need the jug or head either.

Top and bottom case half, clutch cover. thanks

Re: WTB: e50 case

Got it, but I have done some port work on it but never finished... It is complete with internals, I think minus the clutch, but have the bell and starter clutch... I have the clutch cover for sure... I can open her up and remover the insides as this will make shipping cheaper for ya, or I can send as is. It was being ported for a tccd kit I had, but ish happen and never finished it. Either way it is $60 plus shipping.

I am planning on using this engine for another build, but could use the cash now which is why i'm letting it go...

Let me know...


Re: WTB: e50 case

Sneaky Pure /

Do you have pictures of the port work? I'll be putting my polini on it.

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