Peugeot ER3 variator modified

ER3 variator flipped for a peugeot 103, moves the bulk of the weight to the inboard side of the crankshaft. It also allowed me to run a in frame Mikuni TM24 and a larger bearing on my clutch pulley which alleviates the wobble issue with the doppler clutch pulley. Bearing which is a direct press fit for the clutch pulley is a

Set screws to help lock it to the flats of the crankshaft on peugeot crankshaft.

Reverse cut to allow the standard AX or A belt to travel farther up the cheek face. Another helpful modification for more speed.

I would like to get $100 plus shipping for the varitor.


Re: Peugeot ER3 variator modified

I like what you did here...hopefully someone with a peugeot will too

Re: Peugeot ER3 variator modified


Re: Peugeot ER3 variator modified

did you get my message? if not, still interested!

Re: Peugeot ER3 variator modified

derbeez ryderz /

i like the set screw idea. it kinda scares me how the doppler variators tighten against the crank.

why did it help you run a 24mm carb in the frame?

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