FS: Honda CB 125 / CB 100

I am thinking about selling my motorcycle for a new project. It's a CB 125 with a CB 100 engine in it. I have the original engine in a box. It has to be put back together. Has a bunch of new parts on it, carb, bars, clutch lever, throttle, fork boots...

Have a couple other seats that will go with it as well. It's currently registered.

$800 or trade for an older VW beetle

email me if you have any questions or are interested.


Re: FS: Honda CB 125 / CB 100

trade ya a completely disassembled magnum

Re: FS: Honda CB 125 / CB 100

Timmy Southpark /

to whoever buys this...

use teh cb125 cylinder with the cb100 head... it bumps of the compression with the smaller combustion chamber.

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