Hobbit and Peugeot parts


i have a stock hobbit points stator-35

stock points flywheel-20

stock flywheel points cam thinger-10

-Or buy all three pieces for 60

Pa50i cylinder, piston, wrist pin, circlips-30

Pa50ii cylinder, piston, wrist pin, circlips-40

-i may have gaskets for these cylinders, but im not sure.


Stock Gurtner carb in good working order-20

Stock reeds and intake-20

Red sidecovers in good shape-60

All prices include shipping. If you buy TODAY, take 5 off price

No pics, unless you absolutely need one before you buy.



Re: Hobbit and Peugeot parts

do u have hobbit pedal crank?

Re: Hobbit and Peugeot parts

campeona del mundo /

nick, emailing about local pickup on the hobbit ignition (flywheel, cam, stator)

Re: Hobbit and Peugeot parts

no pedal crank, sorry

will emailed

Re: Hobbit and Peugeot parts

Take $10 off my original prices. I wanna get rid of this stuff!

Re: Hobbit and Peugeot parts

what condition is the pa50ii cylinder in

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