WTB E50 bottom end

just need a complete bottom end

one of my case bolts seized in the casing and cant get it out

shipped to 29203................

Re: WTB E50 bottom end


wanna ship me your unsalvageable e50? ill pay shipping plus 20$ if it is complete.

let me know


Re: WTB E50 bottom end

Leon *Buzzard* /

no because it is salvagable

i just need a ped running yesterday and dont have the time to drill out easy out and retapped the hole

Re: WTB E50 bottom end

try posting in the repair. you could try an impact wrench or cut a new slot in the bolt for a second attempt.

gnarly should be able to get it out, he has redneck know how.

I am sure of it.

Re: WTB E50 bottom end

before you go fucking it all up on your own...I'd seek some professional opinions from a machinist. Take it to them all hatefucked and they'll tell ya they'll either want a bunch of money or they dont want to waste their time.

Thats probably the cheapest and easiest solution to your problems.

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