Peugeot 103 Bay Area $350

Peugeot 103 almost done and complete $350 for MA crew

clean to the nuts and bolts

even steelwooled the spokes

Kreemed the tank

have all fenders and racks

new cables

new low rise short handlebars

new Hutchinson Funzys 2.25

new pulley alloy with 11 tooth

new drive chain

new pedal chain

new Dellorto SHA 15:15

new dome air filter

new clutch pad

new belt

new rear LED light

new engine spring

new side mirror

Was going to do it cafe style stock engine but ended up buying a Derbi GPR50

Only thing it needs is some rear shocks. The original was bad

Also needs a chain tool which held me back coz I dont have one

You got some rear shocks and a chain tool or borrow one and you got a great ride for $350. Bay Area preffered and can ship at buyers expense. Of course Paypal or cash or trade for Derbi GPR mods.Was a running ped torn down and cleaned up and supplied with new parts

Also have a Peugeot 103 Simonini exhaust brand new for $85 shipped. Shipping alone is between $15-$20

Peugeot 103 Bay Area $350

One more pic. Not incl all the hours of tinkering and cleaning everything up. Regrease forks and headset. Perfect looking seat

Peugeot 103 Bay Area $350

Teflon coated front and rear brake set and another angle

Peugeot 103 Bay Area $350

I gues the pics earlier were too big hope this one works


Peugeot 103 Bay Area $350

another angle


Peugeot 103 Bay Area $350

engine and remaining parts to be installed


Peugeot 103 Bay Area $350

Might part it out

Re: Peugeot 103 Bay Area $350

how much would shipping be for everything to seattle?

Re: Peugeot 103 Bay Area $350

Maybe 100 to 120 bucks. I think it should be in 2-3 boxes and ups. The boxes might be too big for usps. I will only charge exact shipping cost and maybe cost for tape. I got the boxes. Paypal me the $ for the Peugeot. Ill box it up and have it estimated and get back to you to paypal me shipping cost . I emailed you my number and call me. Lots of new stuff. I do have the fenders and rear stuff. $350 only for the peugeot plus shipping of course

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