WTB Vespa Ciao Cutch Pads

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Looking for Vespa Ciao or Kinetic TFR clutch pads.

Re: WTB Vespa Ciao Cutch Pads

vespa and kinetic clutch pads are very different.

treats carries good aftermarket replacements for the vespa, but they are out at the moment:


zippy carries OEM shoes for vespa:


if you specifically need kinetic parts that zippy does not carry, cosmo motors is the only place i know of:


Re: WTB Vespa Ciao Cutch Pads

I'll sell you a complete ciao. You know you wanna.

Re: WTB Vespa Ciao Cutch Pads

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Thanks for your help...Zippy's is out of Ciao clutch shoes for 14-22 days.

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