wtb: sachs 505d crankshaft

I know they're rare but my g3 stripped it's woodruff key the other day and I need to replace. Anybody have one? shipping to 23294

Re: wtb: sachs 505d crankshaft

i might have one. i'd sell you most of a motor in parts.75$?

Re: wtb: sachs 505d crankshaft

what does most of the motor include? can you send me a picture?

Re: wtb: sachs 505d crankshaft

shit my

"parts"motor doesnt have a crank.

i do have a 505d motor laying around...but it goes to this bike that id like to sell. i dont want to split it up,but convince me otherwise...

Re: wtb: sachs 505d crankshaft

honestly the highest i could go is $100 for just the crank or $115 for the crankshaft and flywheel. I'm super poor right now and don't want to miss the hells satans rally for a second year in a row.

Re: wtb: sachs 505d crankshaft

If you want a shorter crank, lemme know. It'll turn your engine into a C instead of a D. The only difference between C and D engines was the crankshaft connecting rod. Great shape, no play. Includes bearings and seals.

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