Puch Parts

Dumping some left over puch parts from my basement. Most of it is random leftover parts from a `78 Puch. Don't have the full list now but a sample is:

- Entire engine - seized and rusted to hell but can be scavenged for little parts

- Exhaust pipe, think it's the original, replaced it with a performance exhaust at some point

- pedal cranks

- Plastic side panel

- New tire, never used

- random thing like jets, filters, etc...

$50 o.b.o bucks for the whole lot, about two boxes worth of stuff. Need to take it all and needs to be gone this weekend. I'll do a full inventory for serious buyers.


Re: Puch Parts

Jason Jason Bobason /

Are you willing to ship?

Re: Puch Parts

$50 shipped to 95820?

Re: Puch Parts

May be intereted with a complete inventory of parts.

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