FS: A55 air box/filter

thats it, stock airbox i got in trade.

looks fine to me no cracks has screws holding it together and the foam filter element, I have not opened it to check it out at all but i could if it really matters 10$ plus five for shipping.


Re: FS: A55 air box/filter

i know right? seriously but some one needs this, i dont even have an a55. set this one up for max flow and leave your stock one intact for super dusty days and whatnot

Re: FS: A55 air box/filter

Come on email me if you are bashful about smashing your streetmate into a parked car and loosing your air filter in flight from justice.... i just gotts get rid of this and you need it so hit me up.....

Re: FS: A55 air box/filter


Re: FS: A55 air box/filter

12 shipped?

someday someone is gonna need this, and ill have a new email, and you will pay more and think

"golly i shoulda picked up a stock airbox to modify or as a replacement when that nice fella offered up his spare for 12USD.


is what you will say

Re: FS: A55 air box/filter

Stokers back up to 15 plus four for shipping should struck earlier to return to basic air intake swtup

Re: FS: A55 air box/filter

oh yea i cant believe it either i still have this bad boyeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15$ shipped tomorrow only

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