NC50 or Hobbit? headlight

SO i have a yellow headlight bulb and housing that is uncracked in any way!!! no stress no splits or anything.

It has the sealed beam bulb with all the adjustments and everything still attached.

Is missing the hardware that bolts the housing to the bike but you already have that.

low beam may work on the bulb, i am not sure. But here is the catch, if you want me to i can remove the sealed beam back of the bulb, drill out the metal housing, and replace it with a modern halogen bulb from the auto store.

Not a great idea for 6v bikes but if you have cDI or a 12v coil this setup should be sweet !!! i did it on my bike with a huge halogen and a bigger headlight (5-3/4") and it is awesome. gets you two bulb options or if you have it like that run high and low beam at the same time.

anyway not sure about the bulb costs as i used one i had around. or if you just want the housing i can take the bulb out, Whatever....

make an offer and we can work it out. housing, both, or housing with a halogen installed.

Re: NC50 or Hobbit? headlight

light bulb super awesome yellow...... does this fit a hobbit? i bet it does

Re: NC50 or Hobbit? headlight

also just pulled and added the bucket with the speedo and the high beam indicator wires and speedo light wires too.

catch, no key, no hardware (eccept the metal sleeves or "slugs" for the mounting ears,) and small chip in upper left of top : as pictured

added to the sale of the "Ring" i have been calling a "bucket"

had some emails, Make cash offers

Re: NC50 or Hobbit? headlight

Well i hooked it up to the high beam with my 6v battery charger and ill be darned if it doesnt work!!! pretty dangon bright too.

consider this when thinking "i need to buy a new headlight sealed beam that costs 20-30$"

and making an offer

Re: NC50 or Hobbit? headlight


Re: NC50 or Hobbit? headlight

So 30$ plus five for shipping if anyone wants to see the world at night in 1978 style!!!


Re: NC50 or Hobbit? headlight

boom shakalaka

Re: NC50 or Hobbit? headlight

Don't stay in the dark with a headlight made from a flashlight!! think of your rep, and street cred PLEASE

Re: NC50 or Hobbit? headlight

how much just for the ring???

Re: NC50 or Hobbit? headlight

I woul reall rather sell them together how about 28$ shipped for all of it? Bulb bucket ring speedo indicator light in a USPS box?

Re: NC50 or Hobbit? headlight

Andrew Faulkner /

20 shipped and ill take it.

Re: NC50 or Hobbit? headlight

come on man it has a working bulb in it, sealed and only the highest of beams. that is worth 20$

plus a free ring, bucket, speedo ........

i am thinking 28 shipped is a good deal. maybe its just me

i could be tripping,

nah 28 shipped

Re: NC50 or Hobbit? headlight

ok ok ok i will buy the ring and bucket. i think that you will have good luck selling just the headlight.

Re: NC50 or Hobbit? headlight

hmnn? do you want it or not? i am confused.

if you do click my name and email me

Re: NC50 or Hobbit? headlight

plastics sold#$%^^

still have the light portion. sealed beam and the high beam works. not the low.

just the high. but as in pic above it is pretty dang bright.

use a good battery or a voltage regulator and enjoy this headlight for years. i mean it lasted this long.

20$shipped. partly because i am gonna pad the shit out of it to make sure it arrives intact.

Re: NC50 or Hobbit? headlight

buy this light thing, it is weird and has been sitting on my desk all month, 19 dollars shipped just to make this bump more meaningful.

Re: NC50 or Hobbit? headlight


Re: NC50 or Hobbit? headlight

Sold gonna go out today. Thanks

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