FS: Honda Hobbit PA50 II Madison ^ Chicago

Tate in Madison /

I am selling one of my Hobbits. I was going to make 2 Hobbit builds but I ended up only having the resources for 1 build and one really nice stocker.

Its a perfect daily rider. Starts on the first 1/4 every time no joke. Variates full and smooth. With that little pipe on her she does 35ish but it will have a stock exhaust on so it will do 30.

I swapped out the stock headlight because it was burned out and i think they are ugly. I don't have a speedo hooked up right now but I could.

Low miles. I want to say 844 and thats supposedly actual miles and I don't doubt it considering how nice it is mechanically. None of the hardware is stuck or rusted. Carb freshly cleaned. Tank is cherry inside. Brand new battery.

This is the CDI/battery/turn signal model so its the best year besides the black ones which you don't see very often.

It wont have that pipe on it, it will have a stock exhaust.

Also it will have matching stock pedals. I haven't washed it yet so there is quite a bit of basement (yes it lived in a basement for 25 years) sediment on it. As such it will likely be shinier in person.

I have the title on it and the key.

I am looking to get $403.71. I am asking $453.18 on CL but yall is family.

i would consider trades for Derbi stuff, Hobbit performance stuff, 17" wheels in the new and fat variety, aftermarket throttle, etc.

Also consider trades for project bikes.

If you are into it let me know. Like I said its a nice bike. With a pipe and a kit and some reeds and some weights you could have a 50mph bike, but I suppose you already knew that.

One more thing. I have shit tons of Hobbit parts so if you need something let me know. Things I don;t have are like plastics, long seats, variators, thats about it.

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