FS/FT cool moped stuff, for aveerage moped stuff.

i got cool stuff that doesnt work, that id like to trade for normal stuff that works with titles. i know that sounds wierd.

im looking for tomos's and puchs that run well with titles.

i have derbi, minarelli stuff,sebring, garelli monza,kreidlers,sachs.

2 non runners, for one runner? i dont know.make me an offer. i have some pictures of some stuff...... you have to deliver the stuff

i be able to ship some stuff. i dont know

i would trade this non running derbi for a Nice running puch maxi.

lets go!

CHEAP alot of work fixeruppers

sachs prima motor off the bike,almost complete....has snowflake mags ........missing some stuff(i have an extra motor in peices for this and extra frame/fork/swingarm)

puch maxi missing wheel,might have one laying around.

complete(ish)fixer uppers

Safari-top tank black and gold with mags-motor is off...i can include one that needs rebuilt and or parts. mags alone are worth at least 100$

kinetic-was running

vespa bravo-was running low miles.

kreidler-engine turns,bad swingarm bushing

kreidler-was running was once a NICE beautiful bike, with LOW MILES bad swingarm bushing.

tomos targa-yellow top tank- motor off the bike,i can include an a35 that needs parts and or rebuilt.

garelli monza-top tank,black,bent forks motor turns,missing trunk-

derbi variant sport-not running,cracked plastics...i dont think it needs anything,just needs to get running worst case-rings.

sebring-75cc polini kit,16? amal carb,leo vinci circuit pipe good shape,nice seat and clean tank. mags,new ring,needs a couple small loose end tied in

1965 manual shifting 3 speed morini motor-NEGRINI.....only one in the us. . has a title. runs good.might need a clutch adjustment

84 puch cobra-has a proma circuit pipe(not cheap)

derbi variant sport-a little junky,ALWAYS runs (not cheap)

Re: FS/FT cool moped stuff, for aveerage moped stu

could you email me pictures of the safari?? Very interested if you would consider shipping. Will trade good puch/tomos stuff.

Re: FS/FT cool moped stuff, for aveerage moped stu


Re: FS/FT cool moped stuff, for aveerage moped stu

Wish you we're closer.... I'd love to get that cobra.

Re: FS/FT cool moped stuff, for aveerage moped stu

Interested in Kreidler stuff, like a nice clean tank from that Flory and other things too if you're willing to part it out. Have you run the engine? Please email me photos.


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