WTB...Magnum Pedal Crank

Looking for magnum pedal crank in good condition for a custom build. Also interested in magnum pedal arms if available. Let me know if any are floating around out there.


Re: WTB...Magnum Pedal Crank


Get these, Kevin is a legit seller. Do it!

Re: WTB...Magnum Pedal Crank

Thanks but he already sold them.


Re: WTB...Magnum Pedal Crank

I saw some yesterday sell for $25 shipped on here under a "I got this crap for sale" thread and I won some off ebay for $35. I find if I know what I want and am just chill about it, I find it eventually. Plus, I shoot stuff to people when they need it. I'll let ya know if I see any more!

Re: WTB...Magnum Pedal Crank


check and see if any if these will work. Just e-mail me if you see something you like. Thanks

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