WTB Square bing jets

56 and 54 would be sweet! If you have a bowl gasket too that would be rad.

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Re: WTB Square bing jets

I have 50 52 and 58 I know its not what your looking for but if you want them email me

Re: WTB Square bing jets

Try the bing agency at www.bingcarburator.com

or try Handybikes in columbus ohio

The bing agency is pricey but they have em.

they have sweet bing vergasser t-shirts too.

Re: WTB Square bing jets

i believe handy bikes got bought out by 1977. if you haven't done so yet, i'd try calling them.

Re: WTB Square bing jets

John, didn,t mean to startle you at the speedway stn the other day, I was in my dly drivr VW. Matt...

Re: WTB Square bing jets

I have a selection sizes 50, 52, 55, 58 and 60. Your right, they ain't cheap. $8 each. I'll sell a set if you want to tune and I'll buy back what you don't need. I can get larger ones also.

Re: WTB Square bing jets

I would be interested in a few square bing jets. I really want a 54,56, 58, and maybe even a 60 to tune my foxi with a larger pipe. Whatever I can find would do.

lemme know...

Re: WTB Square bing jets

Andrew Browning /

im just throwing this in but every time i put a better pipe on a 504 it enjoys the breathing with the stock jet. I think i have 54 and 56 around tho.

Can you swap the atomiser from a round bing and use reg jets?

Just asking for the knowledge i dont really tune square bings.

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