Whitewall Tires 2-16

I have ribbed and the type that is shown. Same whitewall michelin 2-16. They are 20 per tire.


Re: Whitewall Tires 2-16

All 2.0 x 16's?

Re: Whitewall Tires 2-16

I dont think michilin makes 16" tires, are these just the whitewall strips they sell at treats?

Re: Whitewall Tires 2-16

The pic shows its a tire. Probably NOS.

Re: Whitewall Tires 2-16

Yes, theses are 2x16 whitewall. If you would like to see more pics. Look on ebay. Search "solex tires" and they will come up. I have 19" tires...non white wall, and 16" tires by Michelin. They can be used on several different moped, but i put solex on there because they are original. Made in france.

Re: Whitewall Tires 2-16

The whitewall 16" Michelin straight treads were/are used on the Solex model 5000 and Pli-Solex -


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