WTB Tomos A35 or A55

I'm looking for the Kickstart version of either one. I'd like it to be bolt up and go. If you got one get at me with the price.

Re: WTB Tomos A35 or A55

i have a a55 kickstart but dont have the carb...

Re: WTB Tomos A35 or A55

got one for 400 runs like new. everything but speedo works/

Re: WTB Tomos A35 or A55

I have a tomos kickstart a35 i would part out off of my tx50 if the price was right, runs great CDI rejetted it today for the exhaust on it and has a del 14-12 and reeds on it.

Check my sell thread for pics and video of it running and get back to me about price


PS: i will sell it for less than 400'''''' much less.

Re: WTB Tomos A35 or A55

400 WTF!!!

Really hope it comes with the whole ped

Re: WTB Tomos A35 or A55

Rachid I had Emailed you (I Think it was yesterday) about the engine when you posted the last time. I don't know if you got it or not.

Re: WTB Tomos A35 or A55

if you offered me 50$ for my running kickstart a35 complete, then i passed.

that was the only offer for the engine alone i received.

email me again if i simply did not get it the first time

Re: WTB Tomos A35 or A55


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