FS: .5mm shim stock for sealed bearing conversions

I got a crap ton of this stuff, because I had to order it in bulk. $5 gets you two sets of shim stock cut to the dimensions you specify. Enough for two wheels (four bearings). Add another $2 for each additional wheel. i.e. if ya need 1mm worth of shim for two wheels (four bearings), it's $7 shipped.

Goes out USPS whatever's cheapest... Email in my profile, is also my paypal. Can email me first, or just paypal me the money with what you need.

Not trying to gouge on the price, just cover shipping and the cost of the stuff plus just a little for the trouble to get it to the post office if even that.

Re: FS: .5mm shim stock for sealed bearing convers

Deadped Ryan /


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