FS: 1980 "running" maxi project bike

so I got to drunk at the last wrench and ride. messed aroung and got this thing running. I bought this with the intension of ripping it down for a complete re-build. However it runs really well. Sooooo here's the good.

Good: strong running E50 W/high torque head and jug (will also idles quietly unattended for a fortnight, great runner. Back tire is pretty much new. Brand new internal coil ignition. Spokes are true and in great shape.

Bad: the front tire is not pretty much brand new, hold air gets down the road. Wiring is not done but ready to hardwire. bing leaks (they all leak) but I will include a couple of bing bodies so you can mix & match on that might not leak.

Ugly: there is some damage to the rear fender area, but it doesn't hit the tire I will also include another frame so if you wanna chop that fender off and do another build have at it. Or just swap the stuff.

All in all a great starter for cheep. Did I mention $350 gets it get at me. preference given to FB peeps and cats that I ride with.

Email & paypal


will consider trades but my stuff is puch only so trade offers Gotta be that


Re: FS: 1980 "running" maxi project bike

other side


Re: FS: 1980 "running" maxi project bike

ugly fender


Re: FS: 1980 "running" maxi project bike

rando haha pic (I love those)


Re: FS: 1980 "running" maxi project bike

$7 for the amusing cat..

Re: FS: 1980 "running" maxi project bike

what are all those goodies in the back? getting rid of any of that?

i just bought a 78 maxi that im gonna restore if i end up needing alot of stuff for it i might get this maxi for it

Re: FS: 1980 "running" maxi project bike

Emaiing now

Re: FS: 1980 "running" maxi project bike

Serj were you referring to the ultra-mint cobra cobra? or that chopper thingie. the chopper thingie I built for a friend of mine. the Cobra is my daily rider. Or was it the mas of hanging maxi frames? all i gotta say is it's america, make an offer or stop thu next time we Wrench & Ride.

Re: FS: 1980 "running" maxi project bike

and kelsey I Emailed yo back

Re: FS: 1980 "running" maxi project bike


Re: FS: 1980 "running" maxi project bike

ahhhhh yes the cobraaa is that by any chance for sale? lol i just bought a maxi but i mainly need performance and forks for it that kind of stuff. im hardly in that part of town but if you let me know what ya got for sale i could prob take some stuff off your hands

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