FS: Puch SF Style Cafe Racer Magnum

The Magnum is up for sale!

There is a lot to like about this bike, starting with the custom Mike Matius seat, the near perfect tank and tail section (original paint), lots of new parts, new properly run in DMP 70cc kit, Delorto 17.5 carb, Technos exhaust, Michelin Gazelle tires - still have the new feelers, Derbr Super Motard controls, custom wiring, RedLine BMX adjusters, BMX spring loaded starter lever, Magura grips, sealed bearing Five Stars, Puch Magnum hydraulic forks (just rebuilt), new center stand, Paz custom modded frame and bottom end engine rebuild, beautiful black and red styling, and more.

Currently this bike is about 97% of where I intended to go with it. I have a few more parts for it though this is why the price is reduced. The bike is rideable, plated and currently registered. If you are looking for a special moped or a nice Magnum this bike is worthy of your attention - ONLY $1597

I will entertain buyer paid shipping in the US.

Re: FS: Puch SF Style Cafe Racer Magnum

only $1597!?

Re: FS: Puch SF Style Cafe Racer Magnum

add up the parts chris collins. Just another know it all.

Thats fucking radical looking, very tastefully done.

And anything Chris Paz has been around has been done right , especially a za50.

Re: FS: Puch SF Style Cafe Racer Magnum

Dude that looks amazing. so clean! I bet i could drive somewhere on that, and not smell like two stroke smoke.... unlike my bike..

Re: FS: Puch SF Style Cafe Racer Magnum

CC - I know you've built up an amazing Magnum so I'm pretty sure you have an idea what it takes to get a bike to this level. Just is parts we have more into this bike than the asking price. Staple onto that the labor put in from Chris, Louis, AJ and myself and well yeah _ONLY_ ; )

Hey Nick and Andrew - thanks for the nice words. A lot of effort and money went into this build. Paz wielded in some tube steal to strengthen the swiss cheese engine mount area and then did a build up of the bottom end for us. Throughout the process he was a guiding source. Like I said above - there is a lot to like about this bike.

Re: FS: Puch SF Style Cafe Racer Magnum

Oh believe me, I know how fast the money can add up.

I wasn't hating, I just that that $1597 was a funny price.

Good luck with the sale.

Also, I have a super crazy fast, barely-broken-in mk80 e50/mikuni24/straightened estoril(built by shaw) that I'd trade for that ZA setup....

Re: FS: Puch SF Style Cafe Racer Magnum

I like the seat.

Re: FS: Puch SF Style Cafe Racer Magnum


Mike Matius did that seat for me. He even did a requested mod to weld in a bolt where the hole in back for the goofy looking rack goes - which is which the back of the seat is so clean looking. His son bead blasted the pan, and painted it. It came out great - I should put a photo of it underneath ...

Mike does a lot of custom bikes, and cars. He did the seats in one of my Saabs, so when it came time to do my Monza I went to him, and then later we did the Magnum seat to look like what we did with the Monza seat.

If you want to get a seat done by Mike let me know and I'll get you his contact info, he's here in the SF Gray Area.


Had you contacted me previously I probably would have considered an engine swap - Shaw vs Paz. :P At this point it would be extra work. :P I have plenty of projects, that's part of the reason to let this bike go - I will let the buyer know though, okay?

Re: FS: Puch SF Style Cafe Racer Magnum

lookin good man. my biggest beef with mopeds is that at the end of the build they will never ever be worth the time, effort, and money you've put into them... simply because they are f'n MOPEDS.

hope somebody nabs this from ya. i sold my mag for 1500 a few years ago and i took a hit on the price too.

Re: FS: Puch SF Style Cafe Racer Magnum

Hey Mike,

Well your Soul rides on with this bike - it has the crank from the engine that we bought from you. Chris took the best parts from your engine and the one that came with the frame and built up a very nice bottom end. :P

Hope Austin is treating you well. Email me and I'll get you in contact with my sister who lives out there.

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