$99 Shipped One of a kind Spiringer 103 forks

These started life as a pair of Harley Simplex forks. I cut a new top plate and mid plate support on the plasma cutter, raised the height of the Simplex triple tree and used the stem off the stock peugeot in place of the simplex one. I was able to bolt the original cast iron rockers on the inside of the forks and get pretty close to moped wheel spacing . I welded a nib to extend one bolt out far enough to act as the brake stop. I bought the Honda handle bar mounts which bolt right through the top plate. The holes are not there so you'd have to put em where you want em. Id say 90% of the work is done here. needs bearing cups.

This was a ton of work and I'm bummed I never got around to using these but I sold the 103 when I moved. Now I just want to see someone rock them. I'll ship em for $99


Re: $99 Shipped One of a kind Spiringer 103 forks


Re: $99 Shipped One of a kind Spiringer 103 forks

Great man, I'll ship em out Monday!

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