Tomos Moped

I have a Tomos Bullet two speed automatic up for sale. Great cosmetic shape, sort of a project moped. Ive worked on, replaced, and rebuild parts of the carb. It needs a knowledgable person to get the last problems sorted out. Im prety sure its vintage, but the pictures will exsplain themselves. I took the pics while i was cutting wood in the garage, hints the saw dust on the moped. In reality it just needs to be wiped clean. Please note: The engine is not siiezed up. She kicks over. The alternater works. The spark plug is brand new. The paint is in great shape. The tires have tread. Lastely the odometer shows ther top speed of 40mph. VERY NICE. IM LOOKING TO SELL TODAY! WHO EVER COMES WITH CASH IN HAND FIRST GETS THE BIKE! Send your phone number in your emial for quickest response. Im selling cheap because i need the cash. Tomos Mopeds are a well know brand for quality. And this moped easily goes for 500 on ebay. Thanks-

Re: Tomos Moped

It looks nice, but this isn't ebay..non-runners..$150-$200 max..just satin..

Re: Tomos Moped

I'd say $250 would be a good sell.

$200 would be a good deal.

Re: Tomos Moped

Post better pictures if you plan on selling.

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