Hey all I live in denton texas and am selling my moped. Its a Batavus Regency VA (I think) 1977. It runs great, has a new rear tire and tube, but no title. I would rather it go to some one who would appreacite it, right now its on craigslist for $450, but ill let it go to one of you guys for $350. Let me know if your interested: text @ 940-597-3300 TY :)


Re: Batavus

That's awesome man you shoul mention in the title it has the evil Knievel paintjob.good luck with your sale!

Re: Batavus

ahhh this bike!

Re: Batavus

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

i was so excited when the page loaded.

Re: Batavus

♣Slew Foot♣ /

that is awsome

Re: Batavus

awesome paint job bumpers

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