FS: yamaha engine $50

selling for a friend, don't know much about it

not sure if it's from a qt-50 or ms-50

(those bikes both use the same engine for all i know)

$50 plus whatever it takes to ship it to ya


Re: FS: yamaha engine $50

flip side


Re: FS: yamaha engine $50

does it turn over

it kinda looks like a pw50 engine which is almost the same thing

we need parts one of my friends has one and the piston exploded and wrecked the cylinder

Re: FS: yamaha engine $50

i got your email, i'll get back to ya on that

for now all i have are the pix he sent me to post

Re: FS: yamaha engine $50

Where is the engine located?

Re: FS: yamaha engine $50


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