MIDWEST: FS/T: Magnum XK restoration project! NOS

ok it got cut off, but that should say NOS parts.


anyway...yeah, i got this pretty nice '78 Magnum XK that i've started on a stock restoration of. the bike was fairly well taken care of, theres some sludgy rusty shit near the gas cap but other than that the tank is relatively clean inside, externally everything is pretty damn nice aside from the seat because it was near open flames when the dude's barn was on fire apparently. there WAS an iowa title included, however the "buyer" section was already signed for some reason and it was gonna become a huge hassle. if you want the title for whatever reason it WILL be included, but it probably wont do you much good if you live in a titling state (like iowa).

all that you see is included. i've started meticulously cleaning some of the parts shown, i was doing this one piece at a time so as you can see most of the bike is still assembled. the NOS parts pictured ARE included, since i got them specifically for this restoration. included with the NOS parts are:

+ New spokes front & rear

+ New red brake inspection plugs

+ New pedal crank arm

+ New gas cap

+ New drive chain

+ New 45T sprocket

+ New magneto puch logo

+ New magnum headlight (complete)

+ New switch tops

+ New magnum-size centerstand with spring

+ New speedometer with 00002 miles on it.

i have more NOS things that i couldnt find right off the bat, including a new pedal chain, new horn, new sidecover bolts, and a couple other pieces i believe. everything is present, except the taillight wires will need new casing on them, some of the rubber grommets wires run through rotted away, the rubber surrounds for the brakelight switches, and the little chainguard that goes on the frame is missing. The rear wheel has been partly disassembled as i was doing a complete resto, but all the nipples, spoke tape, and spokes are present. the top end isnt pictured, but a good solid magnum cylinder + head are included (dont remember which number) i have re-painted the head hi-temp black and filed the edges of the fins as it would have been stock.

like i said, i was doing a complete stock resto on this...and although i have no real control over who buys this i guess, i'd hope that you'd want to finish it with the parts included and preserve one of the few 100% stock magnums out there rather than hack it up for the billionth stupid cafe'd magnum build. but whatever. once you get it its your bike! however if you do wanna hack it up i'd knock the price down a little and keep the NOS shit if you dont mind.

anyway, i'd like to get around $600 for everything here. shoot me an offer...i'd be willing to trade for something interesting too possibly, TITLED mopeds, cool bicycles, something neat with 2 wheels basically. or other cool shit. i'm pretty open when it comes to that shit so show me what you have and we can probably work something out.

i MIGHT be willing to deliver within 200 miles for the cost of gas, otherwise i'd prefer to have you pick up.

thanks for looking. my email is ataru67@aol.com


Re: MIDWEST: FS/T: Magnum XK restoration project!

i might be getting rid of some other projects soon as well, so get in touch and we can talk.

Re: MIDWEST: FS/T: Magnum XK restoration project!

Ugh, that sucks about the title. I would so by this from you and you would only have to deliver like 20 miles or some shit. Anyway, gonna be back in Iowa on Monday, I'll hit you up bout those parts. Maybe you can sell me some other project. Email me your number so we can work something out.

Re: MIDWEST: FS/T: Magnum XK restoration project!

dustin: got my moto guzzi robin that needs to be put back together and the tank cleaned and its ready to rip. TITLED TOO! lemme know. would be a fun bike.

Re: MIDWEST: FS/T: Magnum XK restoration project!

p.s. would trade for some weird minarelli shit too...V1L...etc

Re: MIDWEST: FS/T: Magnum XK restoration project!


Re: MIDWEST: FS/T: Magnum XK restoration project!

sale possibly pending. feel free to make an offer still but this thing might be gone tonight.

thanks dudes!

Re: MIDWEST: FS/T: Magnum XK restoration project!

dudes love flakin'

STILL FOR SALE! i'm not solid on that price so MAKE AN OFFER!


Re: MIDWEST: FS/T: Magnum XK restoration project!

Nash you need to come make a trip down to KC to check out my stash...and I should make a trip to Iowa to check out yours.....theres some trade action we should work on...

Re: MIDWEST: FS/T: Magnum XK restoration project!

Interested, if it's still for sale. I'm in Chicago. How far away are you?

Re: MIDWEST: FS/T: Magnum XK restoration project!

e e e emailed.

Re: MIDWEST: FS/T: Magnum XK restoration project!

this was sold today at 5:30. sorry dudes!

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