WTB Pinto2/ puch parts

Hi, I just pulled the moped out of the garage after a 23 year rest. I need to replace a bunch of stuff! I need the follwing, light, horn and engine on off switches. The horn. The pedal chain sprocket for the rear wheel ( not sure what happened there??) Kickstand spring. The speedo and cable are missing in action as well. I'm hoping to find my side covers somewhere. Probably need the sidecover bolts I'm sure. The u shaped stabilizer that goes over the fender is missing. I have to pretty much replace all the cables. The forks are frightening, bushings shot. I might just get different forks. The fuel petcock is broken as well. Apparently I'm starting a restoration project. My email is in my profile or leave me a message here. I can paypal for parts if thats good. Let me know, thanks!

WTB Pinto2/ puch parts

Btw the moped is a 1978 pinto 2 with the e50 , I thought I would try here before getting reamed on ebay. Thanks again!

Re: WTB Pinto2/ puch parts


They have most of what you need. Best moped store on the planet!

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