Fs Kreidler flory

Ive got a kreidler flory for sale. I think it is a 1979 not really sure it does not have a vin plate on it anywhere. It runs good! The only problems it has is the brake light and turn signals dont work. And of course it dont have a vin plate that i can see anyway. Willing to part out if thats what i gotta do. I would take $325 for whole bike or best offer. Email me offers on any parts you may need.

Here is a link to some photos of it;


Re: Fs Kreidler flory

May be willing to take trades. Email me what you got!

Re: Fs Kreidler flory


Re: Fs Kreidler flory


Re: Fs Kreidler flory

Derek L TYTYTY /

to boot2thehead? hes got too much already! lol

Re: Fs Kreidler flory

LOL yeah now he has one more to add to his collection! Great guy though!!

Re: Fs Kreidler flory

what did it sell for?

Re: Fs Kreidler flory

i have the same bike but with a better seat and spokes.

i'll sell for the same price, and i'll add another one for parts (its complete (ish) with good comrpession)or whatever for 75$

400$ total!

the both have bad swingarm bushings.

Re: Fs Kreidler flory


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