Yamaha QT50 For Sale (Pittsburgh)

I've got a QT50 I'm trying to get rid of. I believe it is a 1980.

Located in the Southside of Pittsburgh. Not really trying to ship it anywhere.

-No title.

-2,000 miles.

-Runs good.

-Headlight and right turn signal don't work.

Asking $200 for anybody from here.


Re: Yamaha QT50 For Sale (Pittsburgh)

Thought I'd throw a side shot up here too.


Re: Yamaha QT50 For Sale (Pittsburgh)

Where did you get that jiggy orange paint with the heavy flake in it?

Re: Yamaha QT50 For Sale (Pittsburgh)

I got it at a Walmart. It was called hammered bronze I believe.

Also, bump.

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