FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

1983 stock black pa50-II

gone: engine cases, crank and topend, variator fixed face pulley, side covers and plug boot/coil, rims n gears. has wiring harness but was cutup a little and hardwired to detour all the kill and turns and hilow switches (ignition and key wiring is good tho)

have: variator moveable face dish body and ramp plate and 12mm carb and intake and dual reeds. not 100% about letting these go but we'll see ... ditto the mag side chrome cover and all the guts of the engine electronics cdi coil sh*t off the engine, might wanna hold onto them

have: the 1983 color scheme stock black tank (nice n clean inside) good paint decent stickers gentle shallow soft dent not creased, hardly notice it. p/o's dad says his kid dropped something in the tank trying to measure gas but i havent fished it out haha it sounds like a screwdriver

have: excellent condition stock glossy black frame (very clean) with 1983 vin plate and good black fenders front and back with little inside and edge scuffs but nice glossy black easy polish-up paint

have: good front forks and triple tree in stock black, very easy shine-up, no signal arms, missing only the top flat washer style fork nut

have: meh black bars with even more meh control collars and busted switches, but pair of good levers, good throttle tube and cable

have: black rear deck rails (stock black, not chrome) and chrome fender rails, not perfect but again easy shine and touchup... very cool shineable chrome and black soring coil shocks, not the plastic toilet paper holder older shocks

have: stock black headlight bucket and ign with key and speedo and front headlight face ring, solid and not busted up or cracked through the ring or bucket or mounts, just heavy scuffs on the front ring, easy black touchup

have: stock black battery box, horn cover, footrests (top mounting hole on both footrests is open just like 99% of the pa50 footrests, still mount up fine and are shiney black

have: rear taillight body and mount and lens and wiring, no turn signal stalks

have: pedal crank and chain

have: reasonable full length seat, no holes or major rips or tears, , good silkscreen full length seat, they riveted the cover to the pan all the way around to keep it snug, good stock pan and foam and cover, will wash up well

pictures coming when i get some time and good lighting w the real camera, but email for offers or for info and cell shots

if you dig on hobbits, might trade all or most or some local or plus ship for complete kits.

Re: FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

Monti, email me some pics.... maybe tradessss.

Re: FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

haha, who'da-thunk-it?

will do!

Re: FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

gone: carb/intake/reeds/ramp

gone: floorboards

Re: FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

a new butcher appears! haha 20$ for the pedal crank?

Re: FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

how huch for the frame with the wiring? shipped to 49505?

Re: FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

How much for the complete cdi set up? I want it.

Or if you'd be willing to sell only the flywheel and cam thing I'm most interested in just those, but I'd like the stater too

Re: FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

The cdi is MINEE! :)

Re: FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

emailed ya.

Re: FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

@rob ... the pedal crank is yours (email ya in a bit) oh and heyyyyyy

@everyone else, will dig into my email later this evenin

and pix

Re: FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

gone: cdi stuff n coil

gone: pedal crank

@adam emailed

Re: FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

how long are the shocks? How much do you want for em?

Re: FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

Emailing you on the movable variator face

Re: FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

most gone or pending payments....

shipping all this week/weekend with tracking on boxes or first class in envelopes

so; still have as described and pictures:

nice tank

great frame w/vin

nice forks

both good fenders

ok fender rail and deck rail

seat as-is (small seam split)

the headlight bucket complete


battery box

as-is bars and throttle assembly/cable

ALL of this for $180 shipped, obo local, or offers for individual things

will update the still-have list as necessary.

Re: FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

ah, and as before, would also talk trade for some or even everything that's left including free shipping anywhere in the US48 for stuff like:

new/used/complete hobbit kits

new/used hobbit pipes

new/nos 17*2.25 tires and tubes


Re: FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

shipping all this weekend (some already shipped)

whats left:

tank only (stock glossy black, decent stock stickers, with cap and petcock) $40 shipped?

fenders only (stock glossy black, not rusty, clean up really nice, couple scuffs on the skirt edges) $40 shipped?

frame only (in excellent shape stock glossy black) $75 shipped?

subframe only (stock black, surface grime, but solid and good paint, with center stand) $35 shipped?

forks only (excellent shape, stock glossy black, with triple tree, boots, reflectors, bar mount collars, no top fork nut) $50 shipped?

full size seat (overall clean, one small seam split in lower front edge, cover is snugly riveted to the pan) $25 shipped?

headlight bucket (stock glossy black, complete with all parts and connectors, no busted mounts no cracks through the face, just scuffed on the top front edge, with speedo and cable) $40 shipped?

all of the above (includes all plus other hobbit odds and ends for good measure) $180 shipped? or free and shipping cost only for a kit trade? or free and shipping only for a proma trade? or free and shipped free for a kit/proma trade?

Re: FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

emails out, much stuff shipped, more shipping tomorrow

emails about b/o's also.... for everything including shipped... $40 plus a clean/complete hobbit kit in trade works for me....

Re: FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

@dom, shipping variator cup and rollers pending email confirmation from you about the handlebar clamps

@brian, cool on all the cdi stuff with the coil. oh and the sidecovers arrived safe and sound... catch you later

@hui (brian), refunded; no chain tensioner

@buyers, all shipped, most with tracking

@everyone else, bump with updates:

still have:

nice tank with cap, as described and pix

great frame w/vin, as described and pix

nice forks w/boots as described and pix

both good fenders front and back, nice n shiney

full seat, one split seam edge in lower right front, pix

ok fender rail and deck rail and seat as described

the headlight bucket complete w/face ring, speedo, key

the bucket has one plastic and one aluminum base mount, face ring scuffed but not busted, complete usit with indicator bulbs and bunch of wiring and the ignition and matching key

horn cover and battery box

crank arms and pins and pedals (one arm has slight curve)

complete taillight assembly sans trun signal arms

bars are nicer tall black ones than i remembered

control collars meh, but good throttle, cable and brake levers.

stock pa50ii cylinder, piston and rings, crusty fins and ports need decarbonized, but excellent bore and piston and rings.

still interested in offers on all including shipped (based on destination) or i am also cool with trade all of these including shipped for a good hobbit kit and a few $. or totally free with a reasonable kit/pipe trade...

Re: FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

if you have a crank i will take it,,,let me know how much by emailing me.

Re: FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

the buyer of the engine cases got a perfect crank with it as a bonus... rob got the pedal crank... ill give you a heads up if i have others shortly

Re: FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

damn...ok thanks man keep me posted if you find one!

Re: FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

Might take the stock pa50ii cylinder, piston and rings if you still have them...I'll email you

Re: FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

Tate in Madison /

Sent you that top end.

Do you have the rear shocks? They are the coil kind right?

Re: FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

@salt ... emailed you on the cylinder/piston/rings

@tate ... emailed you on the coil shocks (and that tecno is shipping your way monday with tracking)

pending lowball offer on the frame/forks/tank/fenders ... hopin' to do better ... hit me (offers? trades?)

FREE? 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

@dylan, seat ships monday

stillllll pending lowball offer ... would consider slightly less low lowball shipped offers?

how about FREE and FREE SHIPPING on frame/forks/tank/fenders/bars for a clean complete kit trade and no cash?

FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

i am interested in your front headlight face ring. in know that you wanted 40 for the the bucket and everything else but could you give the front headlight face ring for 10 shipped????

FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

and would you be willing to through in your gas cap for 5 bucks???

Re: FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

@dom ... the variator cup and bar mounts ship today

@ben ... I appreciate the offer, but would prefer to keep the headlight assembly whole.

@tim ... emailed you about the II topend cylinder and piston/rings

bump for frame/forks/tank/fenders $100 shipped? free shipped with a clean/complete kit trade?

also still have:

pair of pedal cranks with pedals (right crank has the slightest bend but clears the magneto cover and side covers just fine)

10mm stock pa50 keihin carb (great shape, complete)

stock II exhaust

stock rear flat deck for saddle seat

hobbit circuit pipe ... kind of a cross between the small chambered proma and a jamaracol jammy circuit; but its quieter than the proma, excellent large header and flange mount, lightweight , tabbed for the stock right side mount and has a straight cannon stinger/baffle like a jammy, clears the center stand and the pedals. ran this on a stock I setup with a II ramp and hit 30)

would do all of the above for $150 shipped

Re: FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

@kevin ... forks shipping asap

@everyone else, bump the rest ... everything thats left including the tank, frame, fenders, carb, pedal cranks, circuit pipe, bars, rails, etc for $100 shipped? kit trade?

Re: FS 1983 Black Hobbit PA50-II partout

thanks, monti. just shoot me an email when you get those out if you would.

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