WTB: Puch everything in Ypsi Mi.

a freind and i are building 2 maxis from frames, i have most the parts to complete one of them, but we will need a few other things, like :


tail light

gas cap

a ZA50 engine

pedal shaft/ cranks

some nice spoke wheels

throttle/brake controls

misc nuts/bolts/washers

basically everything thats in your junk box of puch parts that you took off over the years and wont ever use thats sitting in your garage.

i am sure i forgot some stuff, i am hoping to just buy a box of stuff for a decent price to help get these bikes going.

Re: WTB: Puch everything in Ypsi Mi.

I have everything you new minus the motor

Re: WTB: Puch everything in Ypsi Mi.

I have a stock hi tourq puch cylinder for 27 bucks shipped. email me.

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