FS: Motobecane Wonders

I bumped up a notch from Av7 to Av10.


Av7 crank- new bearings, needle bearing, threads on both ends are perfect.

Av7 Parmakit- Installed never ran, no gaskets, piston ramped to compensate for offset ports.

Av7 Cases- matched to the parmakit, comes with studs, find some case bolts, seals may be good..probly installed backwards..ha.

Av7 12v points setup- new condensor, new points, comes with flywheel, cam, coils back plate.

Email offers.

Re: FS: Motobecane Wonders

Oh..and a malossi intake ..19mm and greater carb

Re: FS: Motobecane Wonders

Hi whist price you looking for

Re: FS: Motobecane Wonders

tj, loved the gift in that last package, its on my toolbox forever.

Re: FS: Motobecane Wonders


You're welcome..my son colored it in. Out of all the pictures I had at the Inverness ride he picked your Moby for the one he liked the most + the Weak-Ends love The White Line Riders so I haaaaad to do something special for you :)

FS/FT: Motobecane Wonders

I will trade some parts for a complete running Tomos motor..CDI pedal start if possible.

Re: FS: Motobecane Wonders

One more thing.. got the MBK treats CDI also..yay..

Re: FS: Motobecane Wonders

All snails replied to..bump for an Av7..

Re: FS: Motobecane Wonders

For real? No one wants an Av7?

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