FS: 77 Maxi w/Gila, Destroyer, 24 Mikuni, etc.

Ryan N. /
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Up for sale is my 77 silver Maxi with e50.

What it's got:

- 74cc Gilardoni (never been seized, not ported)

- 24mm Weak-Ends intake

- 24mm Mikuni (TM24)

- Motomatic Destroyer (with a scratch on the header from loading it in a truck)

- Roller crank w/new bearings and seals (not sure which one it is but it's stuffed)

- Powerdynamo CDI

- Magnum pedal crank

- Magnum kickstand

- Adjustable rear shocks

- EBR fork w/stabilizer

- Low rise bars

- New magura controls and cables

- 3 shoe clutch with 3 2 shoe clutch shoes on it, lightened to 70g with Mike Thomas brace and kick start springs. Clutch base plate is drilled and tapped for M8 NOT M6 like normal.

- Lightened clutch bell and starter plate

- New bearings in front wheel and adjusted properly with cone wrenches. Wheels are pretty darn true. Rear wheel is sealed bearing.

- 17x2.25 Sava slicks but i'll include 2 17x2.5 gazelles that are lightly used

- New brakes

- New "version 2" bullet headlight with 12v50w halogen bulb. It is EXTREMELY bright and awesome.

- New long seat hacked and welded to fit and sit low with LED tail light

- New drive chain and pedal chain

- 16x38 gearing, 38t sprocket is really new.

- Frame stabilizer welded on to frame

I'm open to trades but only for a Derbi or a Magnum LTD + cash. There's a lot of money in this bike and everything is in great shape. There are some scratches on the frame but ... you were gonna get it powder coated anyway right?

I'm mostly looking for cash and will be taking offers. Don't low ball me.

Pick up in Columbia, MO. I will ship but you will have to use uship.com. I don't have the time or a way to box it up and take it to UPS or FedEx.


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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