A guy without a Moped, wants a Moped


I am sure that I am the first person to join this group with the express purpose of having somebody track down a moped for him. That being said..... Hey! My name is Connor (anonymity be damned) i just moved to New York, gave up my car, tried riding a bike around and discovered that I am far too out of shape for those shenanigans. It also turns out that 1 New York mile is 1000 rest of the world miles. So I was researching transportation that requires less sweat and more fun and I stumbled upon Mopeds. I want one... Like a lot. However, I have no idea how one goes about hunting one down. Given this here webzone is for moped riders I figure at least a few of you have figured out the magic. So. Please. Somebody take me under their wing. How does on in the New York area go about testing, buying, and figure out how to maintain a moped. And if you are looking to sell one I would love to chat.



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