FS: Indian!

Starting price is like... $100? Sure.

It runs and will pull an easy 25-30 mph. It's about what you'd expect from any moped, but it's a 4-stroke. Yeah! Needs a headlight, a bit of wiring and some cleaning up and it'll be a presentable and reliable bike.


Re: FS: Indian!

Nevermind! It's sold.

Re: FS: Indian!

Timmy Southpark /

and buy parts from me! thread jack

Re: FS: Indian!

Do it! What do I care? It's already sold. Haha! I still have a Jawa for sale?

Re: FS: Indian!

why you sellin your jawa

Re: FS: Indian!

Because I'm buying another one. I'll still have two 210s. I'm not selling the one with the big bars. Don't worry.

You wanna buy a "customized" 207? Runs like a top! Like cheap! Parts included?

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