FS: clip on bars

Clip on bars for 28mm forks. 15 degree down sweep. i tapped the wrong side so bolts on one side face backwards, still work perfectly fine though. $45shipped obo, need money for food. Will ship same day.

Re: FS: clip on bars

one more try

Re: FS: clip on bars

How do these clamp? I don't see a slit down the clamp tube like I would imagine these would mount. Is the steel coated with something so it won't rust? Also, I have a Garelli SSXL, and I think the forks are 28.27mm to be exact. Will this be a problem? (Didn't measure with calipers, so maybe it's just my measurement that's off).

Re: FS: clip on bars

i think what he did is he bolts them in from what tomos brake/throttle control does (tightens on weird round washer) works fine.

Re: FS: clip on bars

Sorry, the pictures were from before they were finished. They are done now and clamp using 2 M8 bolts each. They are coated with some oil so they don't rust for now. I can paint them for you If you would like. They definitely fit on stock SSXL forks, Steve (PBR4life) has a set on his.

Here is are some pictures of a different set.

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