Puch Maxi 1980 for Sale Brooklyn


I have 1980 green Puch Maxi with under 900 miles I'm looking to sell in Brooklyn. I had been living in Philly where I got alot of use out of it and had a nice garage in my building to keep it. That's no longer the case and the block I'm living on has no real secure outside place I can lock it up and the garage storage prices here are not in my price range so I have it drained and sitting in my building. All in all very sad.

I'm looking to sell it, its still in winter mode and I don't have anywhere I can really work on it so the tanks empty and it most likely needs a spring tune up (maybe a new spark plug, carb cleaned) but it runs great. I was using it through November and have never had a single issue with it in the 2 years I owned it. Given the situation pick up would best, if you'd like to come tinker with it before you take it, I don't mind

Looks good, but does have some rust

$450 no title (have a small black DOT helmet and Ulock up for grabs too)


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