FS: 1976 Puch Maxi-S with addons

Ryan N. /
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aight so check it...

I bought a white maxi and did a bunch of shit to it... new EBR fork and stabilizer, headset bearings, adjustable shocks, both lights, cdi, pipe, crank, bearings, seals, drive chain, custom intake from weak-ends, 21mm carb, controls, cables, 2 shoe with blue springs, metra65... that has ZERO MILES on it because I am still waiting on the intake. I ended up buying a Magnum today so I must sell this now. There are two "models" ... you can basically get it stock for $375 and I give you the stock e50 from the magnum, 14mm bing and intake, new controls, cables, stock pipe, points, drive chain, ebr fork, both lights, new petcock, shocks and stock 2 shoe clutch.

Supposedly the e50 from the magnum runs great, I haven't ran it yet because I don't have it. I can update once I get it this weekend, but either way it was "running last year" and he hasn't ridden it since, so most likely it's running this year.

OR, you can get it kitted and everything, ready to go (with points)... just needs to be tuned and broken in for $675.

let's do the math real quick:

EBR - $100

Stabilizer - $14

21mm carb - $60 (it's a clone)

Custom intake - $45

Boss pipe - $50 or so

65 Metra AND I case matched it - $155

Custom milled head for high comp and proper squish for the kit (crazy wayne head)- $45

Drive chain - $20

Cables - $20

Controls - right around $75

Head light - $20

Rear light - $15

Crank - $120

Bearings and seals - $25 or so

Petcock - $15

that's $779 IN PARTS ALONE

with treats CDI + $50 so $725

without 21mm intake and carb -$50 so $625

I did start it and run it with a chopped Puch header as an intake on the kitted motor and it ran good, it needed the carb to be tuned but hell, it ran pretty swell.

i've also got some mid/upper 30's idle jets and upper 80's/low and mid 90's dellorto jets for your tuning pleasure.


(404) 983-1299 only text if you are truly interested, I can text you photos

* email otherwise for questions regarding this moped

I will NOT be parting this out.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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